Li Xie (piano)
Li Xie photo 1_edited.jpg

Born in Shanghai in 1987, Li Xie began studying piano at the age of four. In 2005, she pursued her studies abroad being accepted to Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria. She graduated with Highest Distinction (cum laude) receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Solo Pianist under Professor Peter Lang. She then continued under Professor Jacques Rouvier, receiving a Master of Arts once again with Highest Distinction. Given her cum laude achievements, she was selected for the highest degree program of Postgraduate in Solo Pianist, completing this degree and her studies at Mozarteum in 2013. During her postgraduate studies, she began participating as a piano accompanist and playing chamber music. In 2014, she moved to Paris to begin her studies in Piano Accompaniment at the Conservatory of Paris (CRR de Paris) under Professor Arian Jacob and Professor Jean-Marie Cottet. She received in 2016 the highest degree in piano accompaniment: Concertiste – Accompagnement au Piano. In 2016, Li Xie began her professional career in piano teaching and accompaniment at the Conservatory of Paris (17ème Arrondissement). And in 2021, Li Xie joined the Musica Mundi School as an accompanist. Li Xie has demonstrated her excellence as both a concert pianist and in playing chamber music. She won the second prize at the Mozart Prize Competition (Salzburg), and attained the semi-final in the Richard Vines International Piano Competition (Lleida). 


Dasha Moroz-Khidasheli (piano)

Dasha Moroz-Khidasheli has won awards in 16 international competitions, including:

 The International Competition for Young Pianists, Arthur Rubinstein in memoriam (4th Prize Bydgoszcz, Poland, 2002); The International Brahms Competition for Chamber Music Ensembles (1st prize, Gdansk, Poland, 2003); G. Zinetti International Competition for Chamber Music (3rd prize, Verona, Italy, 2003); International Competition for Contemporary Chamber Music (1st prize in “duet”, and 1st prize in “trio”, Krakow, Poland, 2004).

 Already during her studies Dasha was passionate about chamber music, which she has continued to do in various ensembles both in Belarus and abroad.

 She works with musicians such as Dora Schwartzberg, Vladimir Perlin, Leonid Kerbel, Alexander Trostyansky, Artiom Shishkov, Evgeniya Epshtein, Jeroen den Herder, Andrey Baranov, and many others.

 Her repertoire includes a very large number of great works of various styles and eras. She devotes a lot of attention to performing contemporary music, and collaborates with composers around the world.