Tuesday, July 28th 2020
The Three X (humour & music)

A juggling violinist, a violin-playing pianist, a piano playing tuba player, a moonwalking violinist, a flute-playing pianist, a piano playing exterminator surrounded by Gummy Bears? All that is true but while studying at the Music University in Vienna nobody wanted to believe it. Now it's proved. This positively crazy trio takes its audience on a journey to unusual musical experiences beyond any expectation. Mozart and the Simpsons? Don't be surprised. The Jacksons and the four musketeers? But of course!  Freddie Mercury and Ludwig van Beethoven? With pleasure! There is no impossible musical connections in the show of the ThreeX. Be prepared to take off with them towards the unexpected. Fasten your seat belts, open your eyes and ears. It's MINDBOWING! ThreeX among the top chamber music groups of this kind in the world. The proof of which is the gold medal won at Osaka Chamber Music Competition & Festa in Japan as well as over 250 performances given around the world. Since 2016, the trio has been the organizer of the Crossover Music Festival in Bielsko-Biała, which promotes the artistic work of young artists who are impossible to assign to a single music trend or style.

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