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Dear Musica Mundi Family Members, Dear Friends,

It is with real excitement that we would like to invite you to join, from your home, all the coming events that we have the pleasure to share with you !

Our common adventures will start on Monday, July 20th 2020 at 20h00.

Some of the events proposed will be performed live while others represent memories from great moments we shared together all throught the years or events that took place during this special edition but will be broadcasted one or two days after. 

No worries, if you missed the exact moment these live and prerecorded broadcasts were planned for, you will ALWAYS have the possibilty to watch them later on. 


For this you will just need to enter the Musica Mundi or Musica Mundi School website and you will find a banner guiding you to the previous events.

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Click on the banner to access our live program page
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